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Johnball and waited, ready to run. The horns sounded and a gate opened on the opposite side of the area. Gasps came from the crowd as ten giant wolves came, barreling out of the gate. The wolves were at least as big as the ones he and Whiteclaw had battled the previous night. Eveneye's wounds ached and his eyes narrowed. Despite his injuries, he had better battle more effectively than last night or it would cost him his life. He immediately dropped the johnball and began running toward the fire. The ball would be no use to him unless he could kill all ten wolves. He had an idea and he quickly reached the perimeter of the blaze and turned toward the charging wolves. He stood on his hind legs and roared at the approaching pack. It did not slow them and Eveneye realized he would have to be fast. As the first two wolves reached him, they leapt into the air, going straight for his throat. Eveneye aned their jump and fell to the ground, as the wolves overshot him and landed in the flames. The next two wolves were immediately behind them, and Eveneye used their momentum against them, slashing at the first with his claws while sidestepping the other. His blow met the wolf under the chin, stunning it. The second wolf that he had sidestepped tried to stop itself, but could not until it had just ped Eveneye. He lined the wolf up and kicked it, sending it into the blaze. The stench of burning best sex toys for women flesh and hair now permeated Eveneye's consciousness and sent adrenaline coursing through his veins. The wolf Eveneye had slashed came back at him and he was ready, swiping at it and knocking it into the fire as well. Four down, six to go. Eveneye again stood on four legs and roared at the pack. They had grown wary of the fire and were no longer flinging themselves at him. It was now Eveneye's turn to go on the offensive. google He flung himself upon the pack with reckless abandon. He took his claw and uppercut the first wolf under the jaw, lifting it into the air. With his other arm, he slapped a wolf to the ground. Stepping on its head with his hindquarters, he crushed its skull. Another wolf dove at him and he swung the wolf, impaled on his claw, down at it. The wolves came crashing together and rolled to the side, stunned and wounded. Eveneye used the small diversion and quickly darted at another wolf, catching its hind leg in his teeth. He crunched down and broke the wolf's leg. When he released it, the wolf fell to its side. Eveneye then clamped his jaw to its neck and best sex toys for women ended the wolf's life. There were now best sex toys for women four wolves left. women The two Eveneye had knocked to the side were back on their feet, although one had been severely wounded under the jaw. The wolves were now afraid of Eveneye and circled him, looking for a weakness. Eveneye had an idea of how to bait them in, though it would take all of his strength. He rose up on his hind legs and roared toward the ceiling of the arena. The wolves took the bait and launched themselves at him as he looked toward the sky. Immediately, he felt the searing pain of fangs in his flesh. All four wolves were upon him, hanging from his body. The weight was immense and it took all his strength to remain upright. Slowly, he gained his balance and took a step toward